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Mensagem original de: Lars vonrinpoche ,


I saw a YouTube video where a guy has this EXACT ISSUE. He said it never turns on. He presses it, uses entire hand at times….found that sometime using his PALM WORKED! Funny…but irritating considering an expensive speaker has this glitch. Then he said, even his palm stopped working. He ended up taking a butter knife to the (when facing the speaker) right side. Use the knife to gently lift up the top plastic cover until you expose the red light section of the ON button. Use your finger NOW and place it over the sensor.

It should turn BLUE I'm a few seconds.

Then gently place the black cover piece back down .

Worked for me. Irritating, considering this is NOT a $25 speaker. This detailed for over $200 when it first came out.


Try that. Or watch his video ….

Best luck!