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Why is sound/mictophone/vibrator not working?


I replaced my iphone 4s screen by my self.

When I was finished and checked the phone I found out that there was no sound coming out of it at all. No sound from either speaker.

(both cameras worked , bluetooth and wifi worked and celural antena worked)

I tested it by making and receiving a call and I found out that neither my microphone nor my vibrator was working.

I tried rebooting and hard reseting it but it didn’t work. That let me to believe it is a hardware problem.

I reopened the phone and made sure all the connectors where connected properly , and they were. (still all those things I mentioned didn’t work)

I probably damaged something during the repair.

What can I do ? Do I need to replace anything ?

By the way I filmed everything with another phone (quality is bad) , so any expert can briefly watch it and maybe tell me where I did wrong.

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Any answer is welcomed.


iPhone 4S