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Hello there!

Replacing the mSata SSD on this model is not that easy as changing the SATA HDD, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist - simply prepare to turn more than 5 screws.

[quote]'''Step 1:''' remove the battery


[quote]'''Step 2:''' remove the screw in the center and take out the optical drive


[quote]'''Step 3:''' remove the two screws from the bottom door and take it down.

Next, remove 3 screws holding the HDD, detach two cables and one screw for the Wi-Fi module and remove the RAM memory


'''And we’ve reached the halfway, some more screws ahead.'''

[quote]'''Step 4:''' remove 8 screws from the bottom case


[quote]'''Step 5:''' get some plastic opening tool (or an old credit card) to detach bottom case from the palmrest. Be gentle enough not to damage two cables between them.

1. Detach speaker cable from the MB


2. Detach screen cable from the MB


[quote]And here it is - remove the last screw and get the old mSata SSD out


Hope this helps you. Cheers!