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SIM tray won't go in all the way


I’m trying to push the SIM card tray back into this device when empty and it doesn’t quite fit all the way inside the device. It gets about as far as the picture here:


…and  won’t go further. I’ve pushed and pushed on this delicate piece of plastic as much as I dare, but the top won’t go flush with the rest of the body. If I apply enough pressure, I can seem to push the end with the hole for the button down, but the other end (top of the photo) won’t go further down.

I’m inserting this tray empty, so I know there’s nothing stuck inside the device, but then I compared the “spearpoint” of the device to the end of the broken SIM tray that came with the phone and I found an irregularity highlighted in red here (this is the best picture I could manage):


Both trays have a sort of slope at the corner, and the new one’s slope is noticeably different from the one in the old tray. I’m not sure if that’s the cause of the problem here, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

Has anybody else experienced this issue or know of a possible solution? I’m kinda bummed because the SIM tray came from iFixit (I still have the packaging in case I need to return this) and I don’t know if I’m installing wrong or these trays are generally troublesome.


Samsung Galaxy S7