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Original post by: Ken ,


The majority of the time I get a clients machine in that has a white/grey screen after trying to boot, It is almost always the hard drive has gone belly up.  To test it is very easy.  Pull the battery, undo three screws holding the memory/hard drive cover on, and pull out the hard drive from its storage location.  Put new drive in the caddy and put it back in the computer and put the cover and battery back on.  Power up computer and you will most likely see a symbol on the screen showing you do not have a system installed.  Get you install disks and reload.  The drive will run about $60 and the felling of doing it yourself:  Priceless

I would use a 2.5" SATA drive between 250-500 GB.  Try and not get fancy. A Blue box Western Digital will work just fine (5400 RPM )  The black box is 7200 RPM but may not give the performance boost it would in a MacBook Pro.