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I have had the exact same issue and the cursor jumps mid typing and ALWAYS to the left and usually up two lines (unless only one line of text or in a text box) and throughout multiple applications. Only consistent feature is up and to the left and very frequently. I have kept a log and plan to submit it to Apple for a new unit. Keeping a log made it all the more obvious there is a HUGE issue here. For me it is NOT: trackpad (I have turned all gestures and tap to click off and happens with very focused typing with my palms elevated), NOT the keyboard (sent it in and they replaced it about three months ago - took two attempts they completely froze up my computer the first time), NOT grammarly (I do not have this), and not PRAM (I have reset and done all suggestions here). What good is a computer that I cannot type on? I am constantly interrupted and I type very fast and efficient. I used to have to “find” the cursor (where’s Waldo, right?), but now I know right where to find it: Always up two lines and to the left. I hope they take this serious and give me a new unit. I loaded this up and it cost me $6,000. Am I !#^&@@, YES! Right out of the box, this has been an issue.