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Mensagem original de: Jon ,


I have yet been able to find a solution to the problem, but I have found a fairly definitive way to test for the issue.

Answer to your first question: If an LCD is changed and you do not swap the components on the LCD, Face ID will error out when you try to set it up. It will also tell you that Face ID failed to initialize when your phone first boots up.

To answer your second question there is a lengthy explanation, but I will try to keep it short.

I made a compilation of images including using the image provided by iFixit. The iPhone X flex has a proximity sensor (Red circles) and Flood Illuminator (Orange Square) - The second flood illuminator is with the camera assembly, but it won’t turn on until it starts to “record” your face.

I have found that the flood illuminator on the flex will not turn on for phones that have an issue with recognizing your face. This is where it will say “move your iphone higher, then move your iPhone lower” over and over again without ever successfully recording your face.

You can easily test this issue by using another phones camera to  able to see the infared lights. Compare to the image below.

Bottom Left - Functional Face ID. You can even see two Purple dots through the LCD, so you don’t have to take apart a phone to test this issue.

Bottom Right, only the proximity sensor IR LED is working. Face ID will not work.


I have yet to find a way to fix this issue. If someone else finds a fix, please post!!!