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Backlight but no display after battery replacement


I have just replaced the battery in a stock IPhone SE for a client. This is the first repair for this particular phone, and the battery did not charge prior to repair.

During the repair, I used parts from iFixIt and followed the guideline exactly. Upon completion, phone worked as normal, so I returned the phone.

The next day, they brought it in to me and I see that the backlight works, but no display. I have disassembled the phone again and made sure all contacts for cables are secured and that nothing else is out of the ordinary, which it seems there isn’t. However, still no luck.

I can feel the phone vibrate when resetting (both soft and hard reset), so I know it is actually turning on. The backlight also works, just no image on the LCD display.

Any help is appreciated and any tricks will be used if available. Thank you in advance.


iPhone SE