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Original post by: rickwag ,


Does your audio system support video switching or is strictly an audio device? Some of the systems will handle the video switching but will not pull the audio from the HDMI cable (I have an older Bose LS 38 system with the external video switch which only does video). I don't have an XBOX-360 but for my PS-3 to work I use the HDMI to send the video only, I configured the PS-3 to output the audio via a fiber output it has, my system will accept that for the audio and it works fine but it did have to be configured. Does your home audio system have a digital audio input using a copper RCA type jack? If so they make converters that will convert from the fiber connection to the copper digital connection. If your receiver does not have some type of digital surround input, it won't take the digital from the X-Box.