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1: The likelyhood of the belt delivered by the smoothing caps in one of these being fatal. is at best slim. as yet there have been NO recorded occurences. if its th USA model, that slim chance is even slimmer, as the USA uses a girly 120vac as oppose to our manly 240vac in the UK. The belt itself, is a discharge... i.e it exists transiently until the caps discharge.... about half a seond. once they are discharged, they are safe. What does it feel like? I can only speak for the 240vac version, and have this to say about it... IT HURTS LIKE A B!TCH!! Anyone with heart problems may want to re-evaluate thier decision to work on an undischarged unit.. DISCHARGING: to make-safe the unit it can be actively be discharged by the deft employment of the end of a sizable flat blade screwdriver, and shorting out the 2 terminals on each of the capcitors. A small 'tick' noise will be heard the first time you discharge, the second time there will be no noise, this being your evidence of a completed discharge ALL OF THE ABOVE IS WRITTEN WITH THE ASSUMPTION THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY DISCONNECTED THE MAINS SUPPLY. NB there is a theoretical risk of damaging the capacitors during discharge, although I've never known it to happen. I have infront of me... one dead A1186 PSU, which I'll repair tomorrow (is midnight right now) - I'll post my answers/findings shortly after, HOWEVER, even without taking it apart, I can already tell that the fault on mine is on the 240vac inlet side (2 tests... test 1, there is a tiny white diag button on the logic board, dead centre behind the memory caseing. Press it, if you get no lights (next to button) at all, the ONLY conclusion you can rely on is it is 90% the 240vac inlet. Test 2, when plugging in the power cord, you should hear a small mains arc at the power cord socket.... if no sound, and no light from test 1, then it is 100% the 240vac side of the PSU (ie, youve just eliminated half the PSU).... more to follow