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Mensagem original de: jkbmjp ,


Mac doesn't login Windows Server


I have an iMac running SL and it is bind to a Windows 2003 server.  The computer has a DHCP address.   I am using my network login information to login to the domain.  Randomly, it will stop working and I am not able to login despite the green dot (network accounts available).  I have Admin rights to the domain and I have tried to login as a teacher.

Again, there will a few weeks where the teacher can login and everything is fine.  Out of the blue, it will just stop working.

I know there are several factors involved....iMac, ethernet cable, ethernet port, switch, server, etc... that all can contribute to the issue.

If there is no network issues...switches, cable, server... then it should work as intended.

Each time I encounter this problem, I do a time sync on the iMac to make sure the time matches the server.  Second, I unbind and rebind the computer to the domain.  Once I perform both of these steps, in theory, it should work and remain stable.

I don't know why it randomly stops working and the teacher is no longer able to login and the computer will not accept any network logins beside a local account.


iMac Intel 17"