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Mensagem original de: Alex Smallwood ,


iPhone 5 Home Button Not Functioning


Hi All,

Had an iPhone 5 come in with broken LCD and non-functioning home button. Replaced the LCD without an issue however can’t get the home button working. [br]


The two metal “prongs” on the bottom of the phone that correspond to the home button pads all look OK and when shorted with a pair of tweezers they do activate the home button functionality however when the phone is closed and sealed up the button doesn’t do anything.

Have tried bending them slightly to adjust their angle however I don’t have a functional iPhone 5 as a point of reference.

The home button and home button flex are brand new (the connections looked a bit worn on the old flex so I replaced it , however the same issue was occurring with the original flex)

Have attached photos of the home flex and corresponding prongs - all looks OK to me but I may have missed something from looking at it for so long.

Thanks :-D [br]





iPhone 5