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These simple steps provided below won't take much time, but will greatly help to improve your Mac's performance.

'''1. Find resource-hungry processes'''

If you see that some app is using a lot of CPU power, you can close it from here by choosing the app with the mouse and clicking the X in the left-hand corner of the [|Activity Monitor].

'''2. Manage your startup items'''

A clean startup helps speed up slow Mac.

'''3. Turn off visual effects'''

'''4. Delete browser add-ons'''

'''5. Reindex Spotlight'''

If you recently updated your OS, you would be aware of the slowness that occurs when Spotlight is indexing.

'''6. Reduce Desktop clutter'''

Every desktop icon takes up RAM space. Fewer icons — the faster your Mac gets.

'''7. Empty the caches'''

'''8. Uninstall unused apps'''

'''9. Clean up Mac’s hard drive'''

'''10. Update your Mac'''

'''11. Free up RAM using Terminal'''

'''12. Replace your HDD with SSD'''

'''13. Add more RAM'''

If you do these activities regularly, you won't have to worry about the need to speed up your Mac again.  There are also some other methods which can help speed up your Mac.