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Mensagem original de: Max Crandale ,


I wish to say tabing works though it is not needed infact. If your read disc problem occurs after vertical usage of PS4 Pro, and tabbing works for it, you may horizantally put your machine upside down 2 days and get back normal after that period of time, you will see your disc starts reading. That's what happened to me. When i placed vertically Playstation Pro of mine certain time, it stopped reading discs and giving unrecognized disc error. Yes tabing on the machine works though it is not everytime and hard to tab certain point. So i assume something happens in machanic of the PS4 when it was placed vertically. Simply with tabing we changed state of the disc machanisicm orginal state. So i tested machine with resting it 2 days upside down 2 days on the desk and get back horizantal position normally after that period of time. Problems solved. Never use your machine if that state occurs before vertically cause it return back problematic state. It is my experience