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Hi. I have a Lumix DMC-ZS15 with the same symptoms as described by many people before me. I tried both of the methods; I blew hard on the shutter switch and the zoom ring  several times (compressed air would have been better, but wth) and I turned the zoom ring back-and-forth about 25-30 times. The pronlem seems to have gone away, at least temporarily… Now, being an electronic engineer with a lifetime love affair with mechanical switches, this does make sense a bit: most likely it is a build-up of grime on the switch contacts that may be cleaned up by repeated activation. If, however, the malfunction is related to ageing of the contacts, the symptoms are expected to return with a vengeance, since the rapid activation causes more wear and the worn contact surfaces are more likely to gather more grime. I’ll be curious to see which way my beloved DMC-ZS15 will go. I think it is one of the greatest P&S cameras ever made, and I have used quite a few. It’s difficult to find one even on the used market. Cheers.