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Mensagem original de: mounir0091 ,


I have the same problem. I found a MacBook thrown in streets of Stockholm. I managed to fix the black screen problem. Then i bought a cheap charger 15 kronor from a market. But unlikely the head connector was not the right type. So i cut the cable and Plugged it direkt to the battery. The battery has 8 pins i only used 2. It charges so was happy that it s charging and the battery blinks. I was so happy so i took a driller and made a hole direktly so it looks like an original cable stickning Out . The only problem is that it doesn t charge when on .

I m suspecting the charger, it takes more Than 10h very Long time to charge. One night after the charger has Been Plugged In for a long time, fully charged i Did some resets in order to bypass the login pass to install better version of iTunes , i saw that the battery indicator stayed 100 all time and the charger became a little hot like it s performing a good job. Otherwise its always frozen when charging and takes plenty of hours.

Anyone WHO could explain how to make things better or should i invest in a magsafe connector???

thank u