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In my experience I have found on several occassions that there is more than likely contamination on the connector (where the button connects to the screen) it is clearly visible beneath a Microscope & probably noticeable using a good quality Magnifying glass.

using 99% alcohol & a toothbrush clean the connector (do not douse the connector, alcohol has a tendency to get beneath the screen & cause damage) make sure the connector is both dry & clean & then reconnect the home button..

I find that at least 50% of water damage Home Button problems on Iphones (inc Iphone 7s) can be remedied by cleaning the connector

I can not stress highly enough to need to disconnect the home button connector cautiously!!

the Home Buttons are very easily damaged  whilst trying to remove them (the Flex is very easily torn!!)

if the flex is torn then you will open a completely different “Kettle of Fish”

I hope this is of help