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Hi Nick,

You might like to know that I tried to upgrade a DELL Inspiron 6000 using a  laptop IDE to SATA adapter with a SATA SanDisk 60GB SSD drive. To get it to fit I took the drive out of its case ( circuit board was half size) so it would fit in the drive bay.

Well it worked with Windows 10 32bit but very, very slow. So a success yet a failure.

For TRIM on XP just run one of the software packages on a regular basis.

I also have a Compaq Presario HP-SR1820NX_Athlon 64 3400_1 Core_2.21GHz desktop with XP Pro  which I use for an old, very high resolution,  flatbed scanner with no W7 or W10 drivers.

It has a  SATA 1.5 controller with connected SSD.

To make a long story short - XP Pro is very finicky after years of W7 and W10!!!!

Recently did MS's POSReady security updates for XP and it reduced system Windows Explorer to a crawl - screen, refreshes, openning drive folder, etc. retore back to previous and O.K. now.

But hey, the scanner is amazing for old photos, etc.!