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Mensagem original de: Hank ,


[quote]So I got Macfixit email quoting this from this thread:[br]

Gunnar Forsgren wrote:

Apple has declared these machines end of life so the days of class action suits is done with. But the best solution I found is sending the laptop in to guys who replace the GPU chip on the motherboard with a revised design new one. End of problem as long as overheating issues can be kept in check.


WHAT GPU chip has a revised design, please?  Last time I got mine replaced, I got this one:[br]


AMD Radeon HD 6770M:

Chipset Model:    AMD Radeon HD 6770M

Type:    GPU

Bus:    PCIe

PCIe Lane Width:    x8

VRAM (Total):    1024 MB

Vendor:    ATI (0x1002)

Device ID:    0x6740

Revision ID:    0x0000

ROM Revision:    113-C0170L-573

Automatic Graphics Switching:    Supported

gMux Version:    1.9.24

EFI Driver Version:    01.00.573[br]



And a year later I’m starting to see flaky behavior again.

Where, oh, where is the source for a reliabl fix or replacement?   Detailed answer please, as I foresee sending my late 2011 17” hi-res off to someone fairly soon, again.