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Among the other programs suggested here, I would recommend Shareit. It’s free, available on both windows and android, and has a high rate of transfer. I use it whenever I transfer data between my pc and my phone or between an old phone and a new phone. It has some ads, but you can easily uninstall and reinstall it whenever you’re not using it.

In consideration of the cable connection problem, are the device drivers installed correctly? If you are on Windows 7, you may have to install the drivers manually (If you’re on windows 10 though they usually install automatically). When you connect the pad to the PC (Make sure to enable MTP or PTP!). open “Device Manager” from the settings panel and see if the Pad is recognized. If it has a yellow warning sign or has a vague name (such as simply USB DEVICE or ANDROID DEVICE), it’s possible that the drivers aren’t installed correctly. If there is no recognition at all, this could point to a faulty USB port, a bad cable, or the port of the tablet itself is faulty. I would recommend trying a combination of different PCs and cables to see if there’s any change.

On what kind of cable you need, I agree with CASPER YOUNG. Most of the time it doesn’t matter which cable you use, a device should usually be recognized without the need of a “special” cable.

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