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Mensagem original de: Jenny Wilson ,


I rarely will write a review but when I looked this site up to see if others had same issues I was having, I felt I had to share my experience with others. ‘You get what you pay for’ is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the horrible ZTE N817. Although your first phone is free, any replacement phone thereafter will cost you $25.00. I am currently on replacement phone #5 in the span of 2 years. All issues were due to manufacture problems or phone system malfunctions. Not once did I need to replace my phones due to error or mis-use on my part. If the government is offering free cellphone service, then that’s what you should get, but this isn’t the case. Appx half of the time, my phone will just load & load after dialing a number. I’ve had times where it will finally put my call through after 30 minutes (or longer),- whereas I’ve long set the phone down & forgotten bout the call only to faintly here someone saying hello because the call finally went through! And by all accounts, the phone appeared to be off with no indication that it was still trying to call out after I pressed the home button & then turned the screen off. This is just but one minor issue with these phones out of way too many. It’s a big scam as far as I’m concerned & that’s how they get their big bucks! And customer service is a joke if you are trying to get any useful help at all! I’ve been given the run around countless times now and I’m pretty sure that they are all given instructions to frustrate the customer so badly that instead of getting their issue resolved, they just find it easier, faster, & much less of a hassle to just go ahead & order a replacement phone! Who cares if your replacement phone comes with the minutes & data plan already used up for the month. Who cares if it randomly calls up people on your phone, like your boss @ 2am in the morning. Who cares if that free 1gb of data is unusable because the phone only loads & loads & loads, never actually getting into an app! That’s providing if you can actually get to download an app! Being grateful implies there’s something to be grateful for. I’m sick of people bashing others because the government was nice enough to give us a free phone & free service when, at least in my case, has barely been useable & has not been so free at all! With what I’ve paid in replacement phones in 2 years, I might as well have bought a nice phone & saved myself all the hours of frustration, hassle, & near death experiences without phone service! Oh wait! I am grateful! I’m grateful it only took me two years to find out what a scam this whole thing is so I can knowingly give people my referral to go to any other company for their free phone service besides qlink, because, as my most recent of issues has been, you will be a lifetime customer  whether you want it or not & you won’t be able to opt out to go to a different company, as it’s suggested in their fine print because once you mention that, all contact from customer service ceases. Good luck & God bless to those who read this review yet chooses to go ahead and get qlink service. My prayers are with you!