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Mostlikey they quoted a full uppercase replacement which is why is was so expensive.

As far as replacing the Touch Bar. Getting the old one out is a pain! You’ll need the peel the bar off in pieces as it’s well glued down. Review this teardown [guide|73480] jump to Step 16. You’ll want to remove the display following this guide [guide|113612] and you’ll need to remove the Touch ID sensor reference Step 11 in the Teardown. Starting at the Touch ID hole that’s now exposed pry the Touch Bar out and clean the surface. I found a heat gun with a narrow tip can soften the glue, just becareful you dont melt the keys! I used foil which was glued over card stock and double stuck down to the case.

You’ll need [product|IF317-072] to re-attach the new Touch Bar if yours doesn’t have it on it.