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HUAWEI P9 LITE problem with wireless connection (wifi not working)


Anyone having problems with the connectivity  of wifi on their P9 LITE? I'll try my best to describe my problem  hopefully someone can understand and help me in this.

My  phone connects to the wifi fine upon set up. But the issue comes after  it's put aside for a period of time and when I go back to use it it  seems to be connected to the internet, but trying to do anything that  requires internet would fail to load and only after a couple minutes  (like it is trying to reconnect to the internet) then will the internet  come back up.

For further clarification,  the down arrow of the icon does not light up when I try to google search  or do anything that requires internet connection. After couple of  minutes as I mentioned above then the down arrow lights up and I can use  anything internet related normally.

Anyone having this issue? It only happens when its been put aside for awhile then upon using it again then the problem occurs.


Huawei P9 Lite