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SOLVED.  Iphone 6 constantly shutting off and then back on.  I put in recovery mode but every time I got past the extracting software stage, I would get an error message.  I tried everything on these posts and more for several hours.  This includes using two different MAC’s, four different cables, and re-booting home router multiple times.  In the end, in a twist of irony, drum roll please, I plugged it in to a Windows machine and I was back up and running in no time.  Very odd, I had to use MICROSOFT to fix an APPLE problem.   Hmmm, MAC’s don’t recognize iPhone’s but Windows machines do?  Both MAC’s wanted me to do a software download to recognize my iPhone but low and behold, kept getting an error message on that too.  Funny, I would think it would be kind of important for each OS upgrade on MAC’s that they would include recognizing iPhone’s.