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The Vesa people are the experts on removing the stand.  They state there is no easy way to do this one your machine.  It has to be torn down or hacksawed off.  Here's a quoye from them: "With regards to all iMac all-in-one models offered after these pre-iSight models, only the 24" iMac

models have had VESA adapter kits available from Apple.  The 17", 20", and now 21.5" iMac models

were left having no VESA bracket kit option and more importantly, no easy method for removing the

stand.  Because of this, and the fact that most people who purchase 17", 20" and 21.5" iMacs as a

"portable" computer, it was essential to develop a VESA adapter kit for the iMac that would not

require the stand to be removed or any modification to be made to the computer."