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Mensagem original de: bertie tozer ,



I have something of a similar problem but not exactly the same.

I bought a refurbished MacBook Pro early 2011 with i7 16gb and ssd, with a new battery, so the battery charges but it can take 12 hrs or more to charge, magsafe is orange. On discharge it lasts 15 minutes from 100-70 then drops from 70 to 7 in a second, it will then last 5 minutes before shutting down. Battery is 5 months old has good health acording to battery health app. I have tried resetting SMC and calibrating the battery, tried new charger nothing has worked. I must have a faulty battery as I can't find anything about other members account users with the same problems.

Does anyone have an idea of a fix for this problem that is a little different.

Thank you