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Can my power button be replaced?


The power button on my Surface Book is permanently depressed; it won’t “spring back”.  So, I can’t power on my computer.  Using a butter knife, I was able to pry open the bevel where the power and volume button sits, and am able to turn on my computer in this way.  I chatted online with a Microsoft support person, then called support twice, then took the Book into a Microsoft Store, all with the same result - I need to pay $599 to receive a refurb tablet to replace the one with the broken power button.  They would not even acknowledge the ridiculousness of spending $600 to fix a broken piece that costs about $.01.  For now, I can turn the laptop on with the butter knife and a paper clip, but would prefer to replace the power button.  I haven’t been able to find this piece or information about this looking elsewhere online.  Suggestions?

Also, any suggestions about a consumer protection place where I could lodge a complaint against MS?


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