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It’s exactly the same with my new Macbook Pro. I loved the previous Macbook and it was just perfectly working. I had to give it up due to a graphics error. Now, I am extremely unhappy with the jumping cursor. I have informed Apple via phone twice about this error. They say, I should bring it to an Apple Store. I don’t think, however, that they can fix the problem. Plus, I cannot leave my Macbook somewhere for days or weeks, I am self employed.

My understanding of it is, that the trackpad is just too big and you move the cursor with your handballs, somehow. It especially happens, when I need the numbers or the upper keys, so I guess, my handballs leave the trackpad then, and this moves the cursor. If they could just adjust the software in a way that you have a chance to define the width of the trackpad sensitivity individually, I think this could fix the problem.

The other issue is, that keys (especially s and d) keep sticking and I have to use pressure air quite often. This is not acceptable for a device of this price.