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I tried physically reseating my RAM and that worked for a while, but the problems reappeared and the frequency increased. At first, the 3 beeps would sound if I moved my laptop to another room, but soon, I only had to look at it wrong and then I’d get lines across the screen, everything would freeze, then my laptop would shut down. If I tried to restart it, yes, that’s right: 3 BEEPS!

This is REALLY a pain because a laptop is supposed to be portable.

I was just considering the necessity of purchasing a new laptop that I currently cannot afford AT ALL, when I came across this video:

It is in Italian, but what the tech does is pretty clearly demonstrated, and someone in the comments section explains it in detail.

Basically, you insert something non-conductive underneath the bottom RAM slot, and that stabilizes the RAM so that the laptop stops this lines, freeze, shut-down, 3 beeps thing.

Do yourself a favor and watch this video! I followed the instructions yesterday and my laptop is back to its old, reliable self.

Oh, and apparently this seems to be a  problem frequently experienced by owners of 2012 13-inch Macbook Pros (my model exactly).