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Mensagem original de: Travis ,


If you determine that the fuel pump isn’t running and the fuse and relay are both good, the fuel pump itself could be bad. Additionally, the vehicle may be in “theft mode.” Typically when the car is in theft mode it’ll start for a second and then shut off. You said it won’t start at all, but I feel like it should be worth mentioning since it WAS broken into after all.

I found this procedure online:

# turn the key off for at least 30 seconds.
# turn the key to the run/on position and let all the bulbs do their self-test (about 5 seconds)
# attempt to start the vehicle... let it start then stall... leave the key in the on/run position for 12 minutes.
# after 12 minutes turn the key off for about 20 seconds then try to start it normally.

If it starts and runs normally, you will have to have the lock cylinder and theft sensor replaced.