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Mensagem original de: Joseph Settergren ,


Had a similar situation myself. I opted to replace the port, & exact replicas are 5 for a couple $ on ebay. Since I don’t have a micro-soldering station (& I use the port only for charging), I broke off the pins used for data on the backside, then very carefully resoldered the port and 2 power pins back in their original position. Then just to add a bit of strength to it I put the board back in its casing, & added some hot glue over it. That was probably a bit overkill, but it was only my 2nd attempt to work on a Transformer MB. Note*   Be extremely careful when attempting to remove the board from the casing. The flat orange cable (Main LCD connector?) has some very finicky little pins which will make all efforts to repair null & void if bent. All connections inside should removed with as little force as possible, & preferably done under some magnification.