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This won’t help people with repairs, but I just have to brag about my luck.  :-)  I was browsing through a big flea market (does flea market translate in other countries?).  I bought a couple of cheap tools that I needed . . . then I came across a typical table with some junk, and there I saw it.  A Gen2 Nest!  I picked it up and it even had the base attached.  I asked the guy if it worked, and he replied: “what is that thing anyway?”.  I can’t even tell you how cheap it was.  I paid the guy and headed for home, plugged in the USB cable, and it works.  I haven’t installed it because I replaced my failed Gen2 with a Nest E that was on sale for $129.  But now I have a spare Nest for when it inevitably fails.

Even though I’m angry about the Nest policy of not selling parts, I have to say the Nest E is good. It’s missing some features, but it has what I need.  The display is not high-resolution, but it’s good enough.