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I don't recommend installing the second drive. Here's why...

I have owned several and have never had any issues until having a SSD drive made by OWC installed by a Apple certified service provider.

I have owned this gorgous mac for 6 weeks, had the SSD drive installed 5 1/2 weeks ago and have spent more hours with apple care than actually using the computer.

OWC sold me the drive via live-person over the phone, at that time the sales rep didn't inform me that there were some drives with issues(10% of them I was told today).

Their firmware update came out a few days after I received the drive. They did not send me a email either, which could of stated there was a firm ware update (which could of saved me 5 weeks of phone time with apple).

Today I spoke with OWC which offered to

1. replace my drive

2. give me a refund (which was out of their 30-day return policy date, how generous).

I paid $250 to have the drive installed, I would have to spend another $250 to take it out to send to them so I can get my refund, and of course OWC will not pay for removing their drive.

If I were to send the computer to OWC I would have to pay for their service to remove the bad drive and install a new one, they weren't going to replace their drive without charging me labor.

BTW-My issue isn't even going to be resolved by the firm ware update I just have a bad drive!

After all this Apple has offered to take out the SSD for me. I am sending it back to OWC, Apple is refunding my money for the imac so I can  buy one with the factory installed SSD.

-Much Love