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If you like learning from me on YouTube, then sign up for Practical Board Repair School at iPad Rehab in upstate New York.  I have been a teacher for over 20 years and our signature PBRS course is the culmination of everything I know about how to lead students on a path from noob to pro as fast as possible.   The content is real-life open-ended examples, storytelling, and overlaying information to gradually build up a core understanding of how phones work and how they fail.   There is absolutely no substitute for tons of time spent practicing under the microscope, but PBRS course is a great place to get your fundamentals—such as what does tigris do.   [br]


The answer of course, is often “You Tell Me”   So stare at the schematic, find tigris.  Ask yourself  “Is this mostly a data handling chip?  Or is it mostly a power handling chip?”  Look at all the clues that are on that page and answer this question.  “If you had to make a $100 bet on what does this chip do, what would you say?”   I bet you can figure it out.[br]