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Your best bet would be to take an electronics course at a local college.  That will give you the basics.   From there, go to the library and check out some electronics books.  Look in electronics magazines which usually have tutorial articles in them as well.  There are practice soldering kits available for less than $10 that are good starts for actual practice.  Soldering in general takes practice.  Get good at regular soldering before you try micro-soldering.  They are different beasts.

Also, don’t skimp in the equipment.  I am not suggesting you spend $1000 on a soldering station, but don’t try micro-soldering with a $10 soldering iron either.  Try to get a used soldering station.  They will be less expensive and should be good enough to start.

Once you get the basics down from the class, look up the datasheets on the ICs that you mentioned and read them.  You won’t understand all of it at first, but  it should spark questions that you can research.  It will be a long but fun road.