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Hi Alekh. I had the same problem and what I did was detach all broken plastic pieces with the bolts from the screws and then glued them back with the bolts to the plastic body using superglue. You must be very careful because if they are not correctly placed and they become misaligned you will not be able to screw the hinge back. And when misaligned it is very easy to break them loose again. To help with the alignment I took off the metal part with the screw holes apart from the hinges, waited for the glue to became sticky but not hard, and screwed just the metal parts. After that each bolt should be aligned to their final position until the glue hardens completely. While waiting I did put more drops of glue around the broken plastic to make them more strong.  After several hours and making sure the glue was completely dry, I loosened the screws very carefully and then mounted the metal parts back to the hinges. At this time I’ve also loosened  the hinges a little so that opening and closing the lid wouldn’t be so hard anymore as I thought that was the what caused the problem in the first place. And now my laptop is good again. I thought that the superglue wouldn’t do the job, but until now it did and it still looks solid.