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It makes no sense to create a Fusion Drive set with two SSD’s. The concept of a Fusion drive was to use a smaller SSD with a slower HDD to get a cheaper storage solution than getting a larger more expensive SSD. At the time it made sense as larger SSD where still very expensive.

The problem here is you would be wasting the blade SSD’s benefit as the I/O difference between the SSD’s is so little.

Configuring the drives as discrete drive makes more sense! then you can use the Blade SSD as your boot drive & OS, leave your Apps on the SATA SSD with your data.

If you really want speed! The better solution would be to create a external RAID drive set using SSD’s. That way you are able to use more of the I/O channel in this case Thunderbolt 3.

Here’s the skinny on the I/O connections:

* SATA III - 6.0 Gb/s
* Blade PCIe x4 slot - 7.5 Gb/s (8 GT/s)
* Thunderbolt 3 - 40 Gb/s

These are what the channel can offer the device it’s not what the device connected can in fact do! As you’ve discovered the difference between the SATA & PCIe SSD is not that much! Thats because the SSD’s are not as fast as the channel connection they are using.