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Same thing happened with my Whirpool side by side. Freezer was cold, fridge was not.

Found my evaporator fan was not spinning due to ice buildup.  Did a quick defrost with a hair dryer which did seemed to work but wasn't drawing enough cold air to the fridge compartment.  At this point I thought it was the diffuser between the freezer and fridge.  I took it apart and saw it was fine.  At that point I was desperate and tried to think simple; let the fridge defrost naturally for 24 hours.  I did that, started back up, and after a day of running the fridge side is nice and cold.  Didn't need a relay that I bought, didn't need a thermistor.  To add to this, I did clean the coils before (thinking it was bad heat xfer) with a $5 Lowe's coil brush front and back side (have to take off cardboard cover off rear).