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Water damaged Nexus s. . . everything works, except the phone!


So, I may have been in a boat with my beloved Nexus S in my pocket and then, I may have fallen into the river. As a result my Nexus S cannot make phoe calls any more.

It still turns on, screen works perfectly all music etc is still on it and the speakers work too! I can connect to wifi and use all my apps. . . It just wont find signal to make a call

I have checked the sim card in other phones and it still works (i.e. in other phones I can still make calls)

Does anyone know what would be the best thing to do? Is there a replaceable part for the aerial say?

I am amazed it works at all!? it spent a few days on top of a hot radiator (battery out/sim out) after the event and that almost saved it. just not quite enough!

All thoughts appreciated!


Nexus S