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The chart was to show the person the complexity of the Apple custom blade SSD’s. As you can see you have three different versions the first which Apple used was a custom interfaced version of mSATA - SATA/AHCI  (the far left) then Apple went with the PCIe/AHCI and now is using PCIe/NVMe. Both PCIe versions had 2 and 4 lane versions. And some PCIe/AHCI MacBook Pro’s & iMac’s also support PCIe/NVMe blades. Then to add to it Apple does not offer any information even to their support people other than Apple part numbers in their in-house documentation.

'''The custom Apple Samsung part numbers are quite confusing!''' As there is no rhyme or reason to the part number naming. On the most part I don’t use it to find what I need and when I take a SSD out I mark it so I don’t forget (the older ones which are not ID’ed at all).

While I fully understand your reasoning here that if I can ID what the code means I can hunt down on Amazon or eBay a good price for the one I’m looking for. The only thing Samsung has been consistent with its markings is the SSD’s size. The full part number and the sub part ID are all over the place and don’t denote the lanes.

To ID the type of drive on the newer ones I use the code thats after the drives size which I suspect is how Apple has told their people to ID what drive fits which system by series. To know what the lanes are I would look at the guide I’ve posted below.

So we collectively have had to bang our heads a bit to figure this all out. As it turns out Cody of BeetsTech has a good writeup while it has a few errors and also incomplete its by far the best guide out there! [|The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs]. There you can find what you are looking for, for a lot less hassle and someone who will backup the product.