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Mensagem original de: Frank ,


Depending on the difficulty of what you need to pry (and the material you're prying) I've used a few things.

First off, for a good dental pick set, you can use the Craftsman one mentioned above, since they're a decent brand and I'm assuming they'd have a lifetime warranty.  If not, I know you can go to Lowes and get a Cobalt 4-piece set for $6, including a normal hook shape, a right angle hook, etc.  Link to item:

Another really useful thing I use and lasts quite long, is guitar picks.  Currently I just use the freebie medium thickness ones from Sam Ash, but for something more of a point instead of a curved point, I bought a pack of Tortex Sharps, the green color ones.  Those can help more since the point can assist with the insertion where you're going to pry.  Plastic picks are the way to go in certain cases like opening up laptop LCD trims, etc, since they run the smallest amount of risk of breaking the plastic latches, and will not scratch up metal trim of let's say a 1st gen iphone (of course you may need a thinner pick than the green ones, those are medium.

Bottom line, if using guitar picks, I'd rather them be damaged themselves than scratch and carve metal that you would end up needing to file down and then it looks worse.  I use both these options depending on what needs to be opened.

Good luck with your search.