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Why does my phone show the Apple logo and then turn off?


My phone won’t turn on at all and it doesn’t even show up on the computer when plugged in. I’ve changed the screen and battery both so they are not the problem. I put them on a second iPhone to confirm and the screen and battery are good. It will show the Apple logo as if it is turning on but after a couple seconds it go’s right back off but it continuously turns on and off like that unless I unplug the battery manually. So I assumed it was something worse. I managed to take the logic board out to analyze but I don’t know anything other than to look for wear and tear, and I don’t have a heat gun or other equipment to break into it further. Anybody know of any ideas without taking it to a repair shop. Anyone experienced in motherboard/logic board repair? Maybe someone else had this problem? Any feedback is great, thanks


iPhone 6