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Hi, I am I have a 2000 Chev 3500HD it was given to me from my dad last yr.. I spent $1200 making it safe to drive back to Canada and it did fine. even towed my old truck back

once I got home for a Cpl months I was driving on hwy and it shut off. I pulled over and in ten min it started and I made it to the next exit then it shut down on the middle of the intersection.

I waited there for a while and started again. went to home depot did some shopping and had dinner. came out it started and drove me home 45min away.

Then I had a periodic times when I'd go to start it and it woukd do NOTHING. then wait a while try again nothing.. wait try again.. and it starts

my starter wasn't engaging and was occasionally still starting long after I'd driven out the driveway. Till eventually it wouldn't start with any reliability. So I replaced starter on March u also replaced the starter relay... twice.

my mom died and I HAD to drive to Atl. I have 3Corgis and no dog sitter who can watch one that bites and the other 2 for a Cpl months while I wrap up moms affairs.

So I packed up the dogs and made out five hours to Detroit. Once there my battery Lite came on I knew I had a bad alternator at that time and rushed to find a hotel room so I could charge battery overnight n get alt in the morn.

I didn't make it. had to have truck towed ONE MILE to motel 6.charged it and went to get alt the following morn.

got alt. and had them check out the rest of the truck to be sure I'd be safe.

I made to to Kentucky and it shut down all of a sudden going 85mph. I pulled over and looked to find the serpentine tension thingy was loose. Someone guided me by phone and I went out and tightened it up myself (I am a tall skinny woman and was wearing 3in heel boots and had dyed my hair pink... so there I was straddling the engine LITERALLY was to tighten it!!) I got it going and went to the truck stop about 45miles down the rd too ask mechanic to tighten it with the proper tool. I stopped in the store first went to Dr back to mechanic and it wouldn't start. I went to tighten the belt and FINALLY got a man's attn. Several came to assist and said it was starter.

I struggled to believe that but then after I slept in the truck in the rain and cold with three dogs hogging my one bench seat, I had the mechanic there replace starter. all seemed well then.. I made it 50miles or so and it shut off again. I called the mechanic and he came to help me.. we got it started and he said to replace the relay when I stopped that night. I made it a full one mile before it stopped again... so he brought me a relay to try we put it on.. the truck started and I went on my way.. made it 30min and ALMOST to the next motel 6 I'd planned on staying in.. and it shut down again.

I sent it off with tow truck and they replaced the crank sensor and throttle position selector. I asked them to ensure it was safe before letting me continue driving as I was heading into two lane mountain roads soon and couldn't risk getting stuck there.

I did fine made it to Atl.. drove back n forth from mom's to my dad's twice which is about 220miles round trip. I had ZERO indication of any issues. at all I was SURE that the $2500 I'd just spent on tows and repairs had finally fixed it.

allow me to make note. when it broke down in Detroit and Kentucky it was raining out or had just rained. when I got to Atl it was VERY dry and we hardly had ANY rain for three weeks or so. I did have two incidents on humid or rainy day when I went in to store and came out to it refusing to start. had to wait 15-45 min and it started up and ran fine.

then last week we had a deluge of rain from a storm from fla.. so we went to go to the beach about 5hrs away to spread mom's ashes. Because we had 5digs between us we had to piggyback down. we made it 60miles out of Atl and Darn it. It shut down again. I waited a few min it started went one mile then shut down again. so I waited and then got it to home depot and called for a $320 ride back to moms.

So now here I sit.. it started sun and I drove to get gas.. no issues. my friend suggested water was getting in gas.. another said under half tank I'm prob getting rust or something in the line. so I figured why not keep it full and not risk it.

I got someone coming to get it and he does gm trucks as a specialist... hopefully he will resolve this. I HAVE had the security light on ALL THE TIME. it has been on more than a week off ion the thing. But it doesn't have electric doors windows an alarm or any other thing.. so I didn't give it much attn. I figured it's an old truck maybe had a stereo or something like that or the light was a standard light they install even if u don't have an alarm.

Now reading all this I wonder... it is entirely plausible it has this issue. I don't even have a plastic housing in the steering column which tells me the prev owner had done all this type stuff with the same issue. his employee told me before I let Daddy gimme the truck that it shut off on him or wouldn't start. but I thought the $1200 I spent to get it going fixed that issue. now I figure it is either this pass lock or it is the fuel relay or a rusted pump... ANY other suggestions????

I am not exactly loaded.. I mean my dad had to gimme this truck so I had "reliable" transportation.. that's a laugh.. I've now spent prob $4500 on this truck and still have to spend more just to get home to buy another car in Canada. This is CRAZY.. I do like the trick.. love my toolboxes and want to keep it and use as a second vehicle.. but I need to trust it and I simply DON'T.

anyone have suggestions and or links advice?