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Original post by: Isaac Towns ,


Are Audio Codec and Microphone Issues The Same?


I'm curious about where the Audio Codec chip is on the Pixel?

Most info I seem to find say replacing the daughter board fixes microphone issues, but I can't find any info on if this fixes the audio codec hairline fracture issue.

I ask this because my Pixel seems to have issues with the microphone along with the various audio outputs on the device including the headphone jack and the ear speaker, these issues only get fixed when I reboot and even then it works for a limited amount of time.

So does replacing the daughter board clear this up since to my understanding the audio codec chip is on there?

Or have I misunderstood and the audio codec chip is on the motherboard and I need to get the board reflowed? And no the phone isn't under warranty, due to the fact that I got it second hand from a friend for cheap since the screen was cracked and it was their old phone that they replaced rather than fixed.


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