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Here is what I did to install my new 2TB SATA drive..

All the steps listed for the 20" work fine up until..

Step 4 note that there are 3 different sizes of screws.

At step 10 follow my instructions below.

- First I covered the iSIte camera with a piece of scotch tape to keep dust out. There is a lot of dust under the LCD panel.  I used a can of air to blow it all out which made a big mess and means I'll have to clean the LCD panel.

- Lift the left side of the LCD like it shows you but instead of 4 connector cables for the inverter you will see that there is a large back cable that runs from an analog board to the display.  Now look toward the center of the iMac and you will see the hard drive.  You want to expose the hard drive and mount.

- Lift the LCD panel enough to clear the black frame then rotate it enough so you have access to the hard drive then set it down.  In my case a corner of the LCD panel sat on the black plastic frame of the iMac.

- Gently remove the temperature sensor on the hard drive because you want to put it back on the new hard drive.

- Now grasp the black handle on the hard drive mount and pull toward the hard drive.  The hard drive mount will pull up and away from the iMac.

- Disconnect the SATA data and power cables from the hard drive.

- Remove the old drive from the mount (2 screws and 2 post screws) put the new hard drive in and reverse all instructions.

If you covered the iSite camera with a piece of tape don't forget to remove it.

Hope that helps.