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I have been having this issue with the original Pulse.  It's possible they are built on a similar design, so YMMV.  I upgraded the firmware on it (they are on the Pulse 3 and still released one, which was rather amazing).  I installed it, and it helped immensely.  But the problem came back yesterday. I did some troubleshooting, and it turns out that I was charging the speaker with an aftermarket cable.  It didn't really make sense, but when I let it charge again using the original charger and cable, the problem is gone.  Again, I don't know if this will help you, but maybe it's some built in safety mechanism that measures amps (it is a 2A charger), or faulty cables.  Let it drain all the way out, then give it a good charge and see if it helps.  Check your firmware just to be safe.