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Mensagem original de: Abdulrazaq Masrani ,


Hey guys my SP4 started having this symptom 3 days ago, I didn't even crack/replace the screen. It just happened on its own. It only runs on charger now and battery is fully charged. I contacted support but they were no help, they offered to replace the device for $450 as it's out of warranty.. it's like we have $450 laying around every time this $@$*!& device breaks.. I already replaced it for phantom touches and now this.

I do iPhone/iPad maintenance and I'm good at micro-soldering too, so I'll probably pop this open soon as I have time for it. So are there any schematics/board views out there for it? I'll order a new battery pack too in case it was a bad battery.

Also I'd love a site where I can find a genuine battery pack. Thanks!