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Hardly turns during the wash cycle but spins and drains


I have a Kenmore HE top loader washer that I bought new in 2012. Model 110.26002012

I have noticed that my cloths are not getting clean and they smell even after washing.  I wanted to see what was actually happening during a "normal" cycle so I unscrewed the lid lock and placed it in the lock slot with the  lid left open.

I used the recommended amount of HE detergent and did not overload the washer.

The wash filled with a normal amount of water. Enough to saturate my cloths but not cover them completely. From my research, this is appears to be normal for HE washers.

The washer then moves into the "wash" mode. This is where I think I am having a problem. The bucket moves but  only slightly.  It's not actually agitating the cloths or moving them in anyway.  It's moving so little that it's not even creating suds with the soap. At this point my cloths are pretty much soaking in  somewhat soapy water.

After the "wash" mode is complete it moves onto the rise, drain and spin cycles. These all work great. It spins very fast and drains so much water out that my cloths  that they take no time to dry once moved to the dryer.

The wash driver belt and washer actuator are brand new.

Any thoughts or suggestions on what would cause my washer to not agitate correctly but spin/drain successfully?


Kenmore 110 Series Washing Machine