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LG led has black screen of death


Please help me peeps. i have a 55” LG led model #55LW5600. The screen literally faded to black as we were watching. Here’s what I’ve determined so far. The flash light trick does NOT work. There are no back lights what so ever. I ordered a T CON board prematurely thinking that was the problem. I was wrong. I tried the hair dryer trick on the main board with zero success. Check out this link:

Check out the test on page 58-59. Apparently the SMPS and Inverter are OK because the back light came on during test. All i can assume is that its the main board. Don’t want to just spend that money like i did on the T CON board. Need some assistantence from an expert before I take this thing out back and fill it with holes about 9mm wide. Thanks in advance for your time and I eagerly await for you’ll’s advice!


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