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Original post by: Homer Balderas ,


Why does my grand am gt overheat sometimes?


My 2001 grand am started overheating randomly or at least the gauge says it does. When I go for a drive in it I notice it will stay normal then rise to the red, sometimes when turning on the heater it will lower. Sometimes the heater blows cold and sometimes it blows hot, when it does blow hot I notice the level is normal, as soon as it blows cold I can expect the gauge to rise. When driving  it the gauge will randomly lower if I accelerate, weird I know but it’s only sometimes. I also notice sometimes it does like a gargaling sound somewhere towards the end of the dashboard, it also sometimes get send vapor out the end of the hood that fogs up my windshield and I have to use the wipers to clean it up. The car has no loss in power whatsoever nor does it the engine do anything to where you would think there is major damage. When the gauge has been all the way to the red, I have opened the hood with the car on and touched the reservoir and the hoses and they are cold. PLEASE HELP, I’ve had this car since high school and she’s my baby I don’t want to let her go this way.


1999-2005 Pontiac Grand Am